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Latest Update: September 1, 2015.
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The newest additions to the directory are:
Art By Shelagh, ChuckButtons, DNGRsupplyco, Jewel And Rain, Left2Fail, Rainbow Bridge Jewelry, ShugLok, ThatOneGirlsJewelry, and Yobunni.


Aberrant Ceramics: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Absolutemarket: Etsy Shop

Acrotomic Studios: Etsy Shop | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Aethel Designs: Etsy Shop | deviantART

Allycat Accessories: Etsy Shop | Gallery | Facebook

Aneth Ara: Etsy Shop | deviantART | Facebook

Anna’s Armory: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter

Art By Shelagh: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter

The Art of Zoe Monday: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter

The Art of Laughin Annie: Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook

Artista: Etsy Shop | Website | Twitter | Facebook

A Modern Artisan: Etsy Shop | Website


Bad Cat Doll Clothing: Etsy Shop | Blog

Beads for Bunnies: Etsy Shop | Facebook

BeagleCakes: Etsy Shop | Website

BichoBolitaJewelry: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook

Black Blossom Jewelry: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook


ChuckButtons: Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook

Cilana's Art By Nature: Etsy Shop | Facebook

Company of Cosplay: Etsy Shop

CosplayFoxShop: Etsy Shop | deviantART

Crescents Creations & Crescents Canines: Etsy Shop | Facebook


DNGRsupplyco: Etsy Shop
DeviousRoseBoutique: Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook

Diamond Dream Boutique: Etsy Shop | Facebook

DragonsTreasureHorde: Etsy Shop

Dragonwys: Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook

Drakoncast: Etsy Shop | deviantART | Twitter | Facebook

Dreaming of the Midway: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook

Dreamy Cards: Etsy Shop

Dreamy Charms: Etsy Shop


Erin Mae Originals: Etsy Shop | Twitter


Fairy Cute Gifts: Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook

Fat Cat Charms: Etsy Shop

FatalPotato: Etsy Shop

FireVerse: Etsy Shop | Website | YouTube

Foxy Boxy Solutions: Etsy Shop | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Foxy Boxy Solutions: Digital Downloads: Etsy Shop

Frills and Chills DIY: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Fused Elegance: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Fuukun: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook


GatzBcn: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook


HandPaintedProduct: Etsy Shop

Hidey Hole Inn: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook


Ice Fox Creations: Etsy Shop | Facebook

Indelible Ink Workshop: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Integrated Boutique: Etsy Shop


Jewel And Rain: Etsy Shop | Twitter


Knotty Projects: Etsy Shop | Facebook

Koi Cat Creations: Etsy Shop


L’Atelier de Flora:  Etsy Shop | Facebook

Left2Fail Etsy Shop | deviantART | Twitter


Mintberry Creations: Etsy Shop

Musume & Okasan: Etsy Shop | Blog


Nay-Nay Macrame: Etsy Shop | deviantART

NauticallyAmi: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook

Nora's Baubles: Etsy Shop | Facebook

Not Quite Defined: Etsy Shop | Website | Facebook


ootamukun: Etsy Shop | Blog

Original ACEO Artwork: Etsy Shop | deviantART


Painted Silver Etsy Shop

Pastel Squid Etsy Shop | Blog

Plush it Out: Etsy Shop | Facebook



Rainbow Bridge Jewelry: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

ReinbouDesigns: Etsy Shop

Reka Art: Etsy Shop | Facebook


Scrapdragon Studio: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook

Serenity Wire Designs: Etsy Shop |  Twitter

ShugLok: Etsy Shop | deviantART

Sour Shop: Etsy Shop | Blog

StreetMaille: Etsy Shop | Blog | Facebook

Studio Sterna: Etsy Shop | Website


ThatOneGirlsJewelry: Etsy Shop | Twitter | Facebook

Threaded Chains: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook



Via Mia Glassdesign: Etsy Shop


The Whimsical Wodgelet: Etsy Shop | Facebook

Wild Phoenix Creations: Etsy Shop

WilluNL: Etsy Shop | Website | Facebook

Windowfog Shop: Etsy Shop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

WoolenWords: Etsy Shop | Twitter

The World Soul: Etsy Shop | deviantART | Facebook



Yobunni: Etsy Shop


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#EtsyConnect is a group where dA Etsians can come to connect with their fellow artists and to promote their artwork, sales or special promotions, and Etsy shops. All Etsy artists and lovers of the handmade are welcome.

Group Guidelines

Members and members of affiliate groups must adhere to the following rules:
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Submission Guidelines

All types of original art work are welcome here, but please adhere to the following rule:
  • Submissions can not contain any of the following: violence, profanity, or nudity. In other words, no submissions that are labeled as mature. Any artwork that does not adhere to the guidelines is subject to removal.
  • Handmade items that have been made from a pattern, (e.g. scarf, dress, etc.) are allowed as long as the creator of the pattern allows the design to be used for commercial use.

Gallery Folders Explained

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Best Wishes,
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More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Poseidon Pendant by Anaid89
Vagina Dentata Pendant by Anaid89
Aegir by Anaid89
Sea Song Earrings by Anaid89
May 2016
May 2017 - Promotions
Daenerys fimo doll by Makicreazion
Frida Kahlo fimo doll by Makicreazion
Copper hair pins by artual
Mad Hatter by ArdenEllenNixon
March 2017
Princess Leia by akane0
Chibi Oddish by akane0
Amigurumi Yoda by akane0
pokemon | Bellossom Amigurumi by akane0
March 2017 Promotions
Wooden Boar Favor by ChibiPyro
Wooden Keychain Cat And Wolf by ChibiPyro
Frog Curtain Tie-Back by 2ndWindAccessories
Mystic Knot Double Hamsa Against Evil by ArtofLaughinAnnie
February 2017
Wooden favor deer by ChibiPyro
Wooden painted keychain bunny by ChibiPyro
Wooden Hairbrush Cat On Moon by ChibiPyro
Amigurumi Crochet Fox by Zalarnia
February 2017 Promotions
Olive Bunny by splitmindplush
Cloud Bunny by splitmindplush
Teal Banded Bunny by splitmindplush
Succulent Terrarium by Lunzsopara
December 2016
Wooden Box Fox by ChibiPyro
Bunny and Goat keychain by ChibiPyro
Wooden painted wolf by ChibiPyro
Hitchhiking Ghosts Wall Decor by SilhouettesbyMarie
December 2016 - Promotions
Holiday Ornament - Rustic Shamrock by 2ndWindAccessories
Flying Cranes kanzashi: tsumami zaiku silk hairpin by hanatsukuri
Alice in Wonderland Mini Crochet Doll (FOR SALE) by fourthimbles
Little Crochet Psyduck! by jenny3793
November 2016
Wolf Totem by RachaelsWireGarden
Cthulhu Idol Collage by aberrantceramics
Red Chef Collage by aberrantceramics
The Christmas Pudding Dog Hat by ImogenSmid
November 2016 - Promotions
Link's Legend of Zelda bifold leather wallet by Arnakhat
October 2016
The Morrigan (Version Two) by RachaelsWireGarden
October 2016 - Promotions
Leaf and Flower  Clasp Charm by 2ndWindAccessories
September 2016
Lobotomy Scars sculpt by AcrotomicStudios
September 2016 - Promotions
Hearthstone Leather Black Spear Cardholder by Arnakhat
August 2016
My Neighbor Totoro, Crochet Totoro Pencil by akane0
August 2016 - Promotions
Yorick With the Bad Teeth Collage 1 by aberrantceramics
July 2016
Eeveelution Ear stud Collection by LittleBreeze
July 2016 - Promotions
Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Crochet Doll by fourthimbles
June 2016
Wine Lovers - Cord Charm by 2ndWindAccessories
June 2016 - Promotions
Round necklace by BDSart
May 2016
Sleek Gray ~ Premium Tumblr Theme by ClearStyle
May 2016 - Promotions
Wolf Wooden Favor by ChibiPyro
April 2016
Wooden hairbrush Spirited Away by ChibiPyro
April 2016 - Promotions
Wooden box fox by ChibiPyro
March 2016
Tobacco Pouch pig by ChibiPyro
Food Charms: Latte, Cake Roll, Toast, Pancakes by AgentRose
2016 Submissions
Joker With Splatter by maja135able
2015 Submissions
Purple Suede Owl Bag by vannesdesigns
2014 Submissions
Christmas Lovebirds Card Set by theGrayStray
2013 Submissions
little galaxy earrings by yiea
2012 Submissions
Robotron Brain 3 by aberrantceramics


Amigurumi Mermaid by akane0 Amigurumi Mermaid :iconakane0:akane0 3 2 Chibi Mike and Sully by akane0 Chibi Mike and Sully :iconakane0:akane0 10 5 The Pond by akan47 The Pond :iconakan47:akan47 40 7 Ferret Wizardry familiar by Skadi-r Ferret Wizardry familiar :iconskadi-r:Skadi-r 15 0 Abooksigun the puma cat - FOR ADOPTION 2 by Skadi-r Abooksigun the puma cat - FOR ADOPTION 2 :iconskadi-r:Skadi-r 8 2 Realistic Unicorn horn pendant by Skadi-r Realistic Unicorn horn pendant :iconskadi-r:Skadi-r 9 5 Lado Lunar by akan47 Lado Lunar :iconakan47:akan47 26 0 World Eye by akan47 World Eye :iconakan47:akan47 22 2 LeafMonster by akan47 LeafMonster :iconakan47:akan47 14 3 Omelette du Fromage by akan47 Omelette du Fromage :iconakan47:akan47 39 16 The Gift by akan47 The Gift :iconakan47:akan47 92 18 Spider on the desk by akan47 Spider on the desk :iconakan47:akan47 138 94 Rem and Puck/Pack by lyxven Rem and Puck/Pack :iconlyxven:lyxven 5 0 Persona 4 by lyxven Persona 4 :iconlyxven:lyxven 24 7 Now On Etsy: Doctor Who Scarves by ThePeculiarMissE Now On Etsy: Doctor Who Scarves :iconthepeculiarmisse:ThePeculiarMissE 49 18 Moonstone copper ring by VeraNasfa Moonstone copper ring :iconveranasfa:VeraNasfa 6 0


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I think the group died. Im leaving here my etsy if you're interested  Chikorita amigurumi by maidicraft  
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Hey. Is this group still active?
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Hi, is it possible to get this journal posted somewhere? I'm having hard times financially, so I've opened up for commissions: voiceinforestshadow.deviantart…
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Hi! I'm Lika from Taiwan. I make cool fantasy lanterns and make semi-3d paintings. Happy upcoming Chinese New Year.
Please check out my shop.…
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Hello everyone! :D (Big Grin) Happy New Year!!!

I am also the proud owner of my new Etsy shop (Poppet Panda Shop) where I am currently selling handmade plush/stuffed animals!

In our shop, the motto we stand by is sellers who create all things cuddly and cute! I hope in the next upcoming weeks I will be able to produce and list more items to the shop site!

Be sure to stop by and let me know what you think!:happybounce:…
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My shop is now offering a holiday sale. Details are in this journal voiceinforestshadow.deviantart…
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I invite all of you to visit my Etsy Shop, I'm brand new :)
Here is the link :love:…
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Thanks for letting me join the group.
Here is my Etsy shop:
Geeky leathercrafting.
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Thanks for letting me join the group!

Here is my new etsy shop!…

I like to make little amigurumi plush dolls! I can also do custom crochet plushies if you ask! :happybounce:

You can get 10% off of my items using the discount code DEV10 !

I'd really appreciate if you'd take a look!  
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